Chic Events & Decor
Event Planning and Venue Styling

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About us:
Based in South London, Chic Events & Decor provides event planning and venue styling for a variety of events including weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays and charity events.
We don't limit ourselves so if there is another event that clients need our assistance with, then we are more than happy to provide our services.

People often find it very demanding to organise an event or decorate a venue as there are so many different elements to think of and of course it is very time consuming.
At Chic Events & Decor we take away the disheartening aspect and make the lead up to your special event and the actual day less stressful through taking control of the organising and coordination. It remains your event and we will never make decisions on your behalf unless you request us to do so.
We offer a range of products which include:
- Planning events
- Coordination of events
- Wedding packages
- Venue decoration only